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cramped. blinds closed, three screens in front of me. cold
two entryways (no doors). one credenza, one coffee table, two side tables, one couch. one vase of eucalyptus, one palm plant, one string of dried oranges. one orange cat.
brown town
A small rectangle, with two windows. My desk is kind of cluttered, and there's a space heater on. Previously our guest room, but there aren't any guests these days.
a cozy, second-floor bedroom
A big rectangle with a smaller rectangle in the upper right corner. 3 doors ways. Ceiling has 1 rectangle inside another. Smaller rectangles and cylinders fill the empty space.
white overcast skies, mostly gray, but color/texture/aesthetic coordination is kind of a luxury. random stuff everywhere, loud outside + quiet inside, stumbling across random objects,
A sunbathed bedroom, supervised by a porg, filled with white noise & incense, comfortably warm, moderately dusty.
i am sitting at a green desk. there is a warm soft lamp next to me.
my room has a 3 panel bay window and gets a lot of light which makes it the best room in the house and all my roommates jealous. the walls are a lovely pale blue and I have a handful of un-framed post cards, art, prints, photos hung up. I'm currently sitting at my desk surrounded by way too many drinking vessels.
there are two windows, a low ceiling, bookshelves, a bed for a cat, a desk, chair, and yellow rugs.
A tall studio with a lot of blank white walls and a touch of wood from the furniture.
i'm sitting in my room typing to you all. the light is on above my head. there's an umbrella moving in the wind.
trapezoidal. the walls are painted over as many as the tenants that lived here.
There is a desk, a dresser, a bed. There's one window and it's cracked. There's a breeze that's blowing the leaves of a plant around. The walls are soft gray.
Small office. 4 windows. Green black walls. 3 doors. 1 desk. 5 screens. 2 dogs. 1 rug. 2 lamps.
longer than wide, space-station-like, with ample shelving and items whose altitude increases as their general use decreases. small triangular jut on the right wall under the desk to make way for unseen stairs below. no plants.
Basement. Black & white with some yellow. Cement floor. Cold. Light pouring in from the windows.
I'm sitting in a quiet and messy room, there's a desk, a treadmill, musical records, a printer, pens and pencils everywhere.. it's cloudy outside, nice and calm in this room..
A rectangle with two windows. One door in a corner. A closet with sliding doors. A kind of notch in the floor by where the closet is. An air conditioner room unit that has its own kind of hole in the wall for it to live in. Lots of light all day.
open, sunny, warm, soft
A simple while room with my desk, a bookcase, and few plants.
high ceilings & blue walls, weird smell from the dog :(
Warm and full of books.